RoadtripNation.org was founded in 2008 alongside The Roadtrip Nation Experience, an innovative self-discovery curriculum that empowers students to explore pathways and opportunities for their futures. Today, RoadtripNation.org continues to develop project-based learning opportunities for students across America. The Roadtrip Nation Movement of helping young people define their own Roads in life also includes an annual documentary series on public television, an Interview Archive of Leader stories from the Road, three books, an online community, and a student network on more than 350 college campuses.


To adopt The Roadtrip Nation Experience, or to learn more about our programs, resources, and pricing, please contact the Education Team at education@roadtripnation.org.

(949) 764-9121 x214

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Education Video Director

Alex manages the video production team for RoadtripNation.org lessons and video resource content. He also edits the Roadtrip Nation public television series.


Education Director

Annie has five years teaching experience at the secondary level. Annie writes and creates curricular content and resources for RoadtripNation.org programs. She also manages educator and student networks.


National Sales Director

After 7 years in the US Army, 9 years in "corporate America" and 5 + years in the nonprofit sector, Beach is now the National Sales Director for Roadtrip Nation. She builds relationships with people and lets them know about the great impact Roadtrip Nation can have on students, schools, districts, the post secondary realm and the world.


AT&T Program Expansion Coordinator

Caitlin facilitates the onboarding process of The Roadtrip Nation Experience for alternative education sites. She also oversees data collection to help determine the impact our curriculum has had on factors such as student engagement and attendance.



Brian is a cofounder of Roadtrip Nation and outreach director for RoadtripNation.org. Brian leads more than 350 college campus programs and Roadtrip opportunities across the country.


Cofounder/Director of Strategic Partnerships

Mike is a cofounder of Roadtrip Nation. Mike creates strategic partnerships and identifies educational networks to bring RoadtripNation.org content to more students across the country.


Curriculum Writer

Katrina worked as a middle school educator for 6 years before heading over to Roadtrip Nation. She creates curricular content, educator resources, and other education assets for Roadtrip Nation programs. She also develops content for social media and visits sites to see how educators are implementing Roadtrip Nation programs.


Education Operations and Implementation

Kristen facilitates the implementation of The Roadtrip Nation Experience for classrooms across the country. She is the direct contact for educators on materials and scheduling. Kristen also manages interdepartmental projects.


Education Program Coordinator

Lauren helps independent school sites adopt any Roadtrip Nation Education programs at various levels. She provides technical and implementation support to our student and educator network and also serves as the voice for Roadtrip Nation Education and connecting with the online community via social media. She also served as a Roadie for Roadtrip Nation on the 2009 Fall Tour.


Education Program Coordinator

Molly heads up the implementation and success of Roadtrip Nation Education’s partnership with AVID including the Roadtrip Nation Experience - AVID and Roadtrip Nation Weekly. She provides support and serves as point-of-contact for all the AVID teachers within the partnership. Molly has also been a production intern for Roadtrip Nation and a Roadie on the 2010 Fall Tour.


Cofounder/Creative Director

Nathan is a cofounder of Roadtrip Nation. He oversees all creative content of RoadtripNation.org and its curricula.