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Roadtrip Nation empowers people to define their own roads in life. We encourage people to engage in self-construction and actively participate in defining their futures by hitting the road and hearing stories from Leaders who have resisted The Noise of conformity and stayed true to themselves.

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KLRN & Roadtrip Nation in the Classroom

KLRN has partnered with Roadtrip Nation to help students in their local area define their own Roads in life. Through KLRN's classroom sponsorship, students participate in The Roadtrip Nation Experience where they will explore their interests, identify Leaders in their communities, and create their own Roadtrip Project to interview those Leaders who relate to what they want to do in the future. Through hearing Leaders' inspirational stories and life experiences, students can connect what they learn to their own lives.

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Enrichment Activity

Our Enrichment Activity consists of episode guides that correspond to each episode of Roadtrip Nation: Season Seven. This Activity will help facilitate thematic conversations between your students and someone close to them. These conversations are based on Themes that appear in episodes of Roadtrip Nation such as Fear, Risk, and Success. It also serves as a springboard for active participation in our online community roadtripnation.com/conversations.

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  • Student Journal

  • Online Environment

  • Roadtrip Project

  • Student Community

  • The companion journal includes hands-on activities to connect the online content to the students' real-world experiences. Students can tap into their own creative expression by writing, drawing, or collaging in their journal to make this unique experience their own.

  • All sections of the curriculum have lesson-specific video content and reflective writing activities for students. The interactive online environment connects students to hundreds of Leader interviews from the Roadtrip Nation Interview Archive so that they can interact with the content in a way that is relevant to them.

  • The Roadtrip Project gives students the framework to create their own local Roadtrip experiences. The process of using Interest-based research, identifying Leaders in their own communities, and then interviewing Leaders that they admire all give students the tools they need to take the next steps in defining their own Roads in life.

  • The Student Community is a network of student-generated content from their local Roadtrip Projects. In our Community, students showcase their Roadtrips through video, blogs, and photos, while also connecting with other students across the country and sharing their experiences.


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