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That was Embarrassing

From my past experience of cold calling, one major piece of advice I have is to always ask the name of the person you are talking to. One mistake I made when I cold called someone, was not asking who I was talking to, or confirming if I was I calling at the right location. When I called the office of my interviewee, her assistant answered the phone instead, and I scheduled a meeting through her assistant-but I never asked for her name. So the next day or so later when I called to confirm that our interview was set, a totally different assistant answered the phone, and said there was no scheduled interview. So at that point I am surprised that my interviewee did not get my message and that I had to reschedule the entire interview. However, the most embarrassing part of the incident was when I had to schedule the second interview, and when the assistant asked me “Did you get the name of the other assistant who scheduled your meeting?” I said no, but at that point I felt like a moron and I felt as if I embarrassed myself, along with my group members. So just remember to always ask for the name of the person you are talking to, and to always confirm that your interview is set and ready to go, so you can avoid the same ordeal I went through.

Written on March 1, 2011 at 6:52pm

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