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Our purpose is to find people who match our interests. We can find out about their journeys and see how they got to their point today. We can take advice from them and use that advice to help us on our own journey. This will then assist us with any trouble we encounter, and take us on a positive path. Reflecting back on everything we learn and experience will help us become successful.


AVID II - Roadtrip Nation

Anna Huynh

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Kempner High School


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My teamates are Sonia and Zohaib. The reason we are going on this roadtrip is so that we can acquire the understanding that the people we admire and look up to didnt just get to where they are by luck. They had to work hard and overcome many different obstacles. I am hoping to hear about their journeys and get any advice I can to start and complete my own journey. I am excited but at the same time nervous to interview people because I am really not sure of what I want my profession to be, therefore I don't really know who to interview. Hopefully whoever the team and I choose will be helpful and help steer me onto the right path.

Written on March 4, 2011 at 6:17am

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