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   Tahani Casameni
   bryan gamboa
   Jeff Roman
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Our team purpose is to explore our many unknown routes to life.This trip will symbolize our perpective of "anything is possible". Our group actually belives that our dreams aren't as far as they seem. Determination and drive is the key for us.We want to widen each of our perpectives on life. To not only do what we've always thought we would,but to also find out what we never thought we wanted to do.




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My Blog Intro!

I'm really excited to start this road trip!
What most excites me is that my teammates will do their interviews with me, we all have similar dreams and our purpose is similar, to know that "our dreams are as far as they seem" and that "anything is possible"
What I want to get out from this interviews is that, I want to know how they did to get where they are right now, doing what they really want.
Right now I'm more excited than nervous , but I know that when I'm about to do an interview I will be a little nervous, to talk to people who archive what they wanted.
I can not wait to hit the road!

Written on March 3, 2011 at 3:14pm

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