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Exploration not exploitation-Do you hear that static because we don't.The noise. It ties others down, but have freed ourselves from it. We will shed it like a cocoon, because it is the only way we can grow. The noise in order to pursue our own paths. To learn how to live our lives, not those that others want for us. We will go on this road trip to explore the possibilities of our future, not to be exploited by society.To learn from others about paths we should take.To have some guidance in li


The Dancing Bear Hunting Club

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Timber Creek High School


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To the arena

Our journey with Road trip Nation truly began with our first interview. That, however, began at our school. The plan was simple enough. Our team leader, Jorge, and I would stay after school, where our third group member, Andrea, would pick us up with her Mom, who would e filming. It was almost nerve-racking, just sitting around waiting to go do something as important as this. Fortunately, it went by without any incidents. Once we loaded up, we found out that one of our group members was in serious pain, but had taken some medication, and could still come do the interview. The tripe was when we tried to plan. Being prepared, we had already thought up a couple of good questions and were trying to work out the details of what to do once we got there. We ended up lapsing into a bit of silence once we were almost there. When we arrived at the Amway Center, we had to park a couple streets down due to some sort of accident making a roadblock. After walking that short distance, we stopped outside the center and recorded some of our thoughts going into the interview. Once we went inside and signed in, we had a few minutes of spare time before we went to see Nick. So we headed over to the gift shop, where almost everything included the word "Magic" on it at least once. After a few anxious minutes, we were led out and shown to the lounge. We shook hands with one very tall Nick Anderson, and then sat down to begin our interview. This is where we met our only real problem: the couch. Whoever decorated that room did a good job, because it was a struggle not to just curl up and go to sleep on that thing. We started off our interview with what we thought was important: we informed Nick about RTN and why we had chosen him to interview. Then we got started. While you can simply watch the interview to find out, Nick had a very interesting story about how he grew up and came to play for the NBA, eventually ending up at the job he has now. He has even told us about his future ambitions. Sadly, we had to end it after an hour and twenty minutes of incredible conversation. After thanking Nick and having him sign the "roofs" in our RTN books, we left, soaking in al of the things that we had just heard. After a quick stop outside to film our afterthoughts, we were on our way again, headed back home with new tale spun in our heads.

Written on March 17, 2011 at 3:28pm

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