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Stresses and Worries

For a long time I did not know what specific path to choose, because I had so many interests and hobbies that I enjoyed to do. I was feeling pressured to make a decision quickly because college admissions was approaching and I had to pick a major. So, I was going into an interview with Marta Rocha-a counselor/psychologist, to seek advice on how to select a path and stick to it, because she is in a career that I am interested in. However, she gave me advice that I was not really expecting to hear, and gave me insight on how to find my one true passion. She told me that you can pursue any number of opportunities and that you do not have to settle-you can be 30 years into your career and decide to change your profession and that is okay. I think that one piece of advice really clarified things for me-I don’t have to stress out now about what I want to do-I can always explore what I want to do, and nothing is set in stone, I can always change my path. As story outside of RoadTrip Nation, that I would tell to a friend would be a piece of advice my dad told me a long time ago that I never took seriously. When I was younger I wanted to be a doctor, not for a love of medicine or biology, but for an interest in a big house, large salary, and fancy life-style. I told my dad my deep longing/pathway in life, and he told me to find a job out of love, not money. For a long time I did not believe him, and I thought he was crazy, until I realized that being a doctor did not suit me-I despise blood and I am incredibly shy, so I could not picture myself being a doctor. So instead, I wanted to be a psychologist, because I thought psychology was interesting and I loved helping people. So one piece of advice I would give to my friends would be to look for a career based on enjoyment and passion not money.

Written on March 17, 2011 at 6:42pm

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