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The purpose of our team is to figure out how to follow our own career path. We are in a team together to interview people that have inspired us to follow our passion of what we want to do or to listen to the path that they took and see if we would like to take a similar path. We are following the Roadtrip definition which is, “to travel while defining your own road in life by seeking advice from Leaders who are living purposeful lives by making a living by doing what they love”.


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Mike Watney :)

something that caught my eye was when Mr. Watney said that its not one major event in your life that defines you, what defines you and your hard work is all the past steps that took you to get there. that to me really stood out because that is so true you can't let one moment in your entire life define you.

Written on March 29, 2011 at 9:36am

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