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The Team purpose is to not only find our future careers, but to find something that we know we can enjoy for the rest of our lives, no matter how old we are or what obstacles come against us. We will do everything in out power to not only study our possible future careers, but to interview those who are in our careers and to find ways to meet our goal.


Roadtrip Nation Exploration AVID 10

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Starting Our Roadtrip

Tammy Tran is the AVID club's Vice president and a member of the "Dream it, Do it!" group. Her best friend is Guadalupe Dela Mora, the other member of the group. The leader is Marianne Rante, the AVID 10 representative. We're going on this Roadtrip because although we know what we might be in the future, we're not completely sure. So, to make sure, we decided to take a roadtrip nation in order to find out if our career choice is the perfect choice for us and whether or not we would be happy with it. We hope to not only interview people who have overcome obstacles to get to their career choice, but to get experience just by hearing their experiences and know what to avoid or do in order to get to our future careers by learning from their mistakes or successes.

To be honest, the group's pretty excited. The three of us have never tried to do personal interviews until we actually decided to try Roadtrip Nation. Although it's kind of awkward and embarassing to call up a high ranking member or a famous community member to interivew them, it's not only good practice, but if they say they will take the interview, not only do we get to meet a great member of the community, but we also get to ask them questions millions of others may never get to ask them themselves.

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