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Our team purpose is to explore our career interests and know of ways of how other successful people approached an opportunity in their lives that made them who they are right now. We want to see how we can approach an opportunity of our own and what it can mean to us in the long run.


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Aces Sky High!

My name is Mike Williams and I am in a team called Aces Sky high with my buddy Daniel Sanchez. I am hoping to interview people who are very successful so I can actually find out how that person started doing there career. I am excited about finding out what makes people excited about getting up and going to there career everyday and if they are even happy about what they do everyday. I am not nervous about anything for this road trip nation project because I am confident that Daniel and I are going to do an exceptional job of interviewing and recording and everything. (:

Written on April 20, 2011 at 11:09am

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