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what i hope to get out of it is more knolege about my team mates and i want to reicive is a good grade and more i wanna find out what do i truely want in life and what is my main goal am i supose to suceed i need to know.i think that doing this work is going to help me to get a idea of what i want to do in life


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"My New Family"

Wow! i'm so excited because i want to get to know about people's life. I want to know how they got to the place they are right now and i also want to learn from their experiences that way i will know more about the things i should, or should not do. I think my teammates and i will get a really educational experience from this and we will also get great ideas from them to get an idea for what we want to do with our lifes.

Written on May 5, 2010 at 12:00am

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