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   Gilda Gallardo
   Richard Gutierrez


From this road trip we want to be encouraged to get out into to the world and not be afraid of taking risks in our lives so that we can be successful. We want to possibly find out what our passion is in life. We want to also narrow down the ideas that we have for our lives later on so that we may become more focused on what we want to do in our lives and so that we are not confused on what to do later on in life.


Mrs. Conner's AVID 10th grade

Christy Conner

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Godinez Fundamental High School


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Before the Interview

Our "Cold Call" was not really a call. We ended up sending an email to Genai Kerr (USA water polo Olympian). We were so nervous and it took us a whole class period to come up with something to send him. Finally we sent him the email and surprisingly he wrote back and accepted our request. I had called Gilda on Sunday to ask her what his response was and she said that he had accepted and then I just screamed "YES!". It was a really great feeling knowing that our first interview was accepted.
Our second Cold Call was a cold call because I emailed the leader and he gave me his number so that I can call him. When I called him I was really nervous and I felt like my voice was shaking. I introduced myself and gave him a little background of myself and then asked him what time would be best for us to be able to interview him. He gave me a time and day and the location and then I felt more relieved. I was so happy that he had said yes that I had to call Gilda to give her the good news!

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