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Our team is struggling with the transition from high school to our new, independent college experiences at San Diego State University. We chose to take part in the roadtrip experience to explore the different paths available for our future lifestyles. Our main goal is to compare the "traditional" path, including a college education, a wife, and white picket fence defined by the american dream, to the new, unconventional and passion driven way of life.


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My reflection

It started off as a project for class but it ended up being a meaningful experience. I learned from leaders that came from where I am coming from. I realized that there are people out there, successful people, who are not so different from me. If they can do it, so can I. There is no right way to becoming successful and there is no way of measuring how successful you are. It all comes from within. Everyone measures success differently and everyone who becomes successful does it in a different way. In my roadtrip I enjoyed being able to have a conversation with the leaders. I enjoyed the fact that I could relate to them and learn from them.

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