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The Team purpose is to not only find our future careers, but to find something that we know we can enjoy for the rest of our lives, no matter how old we are or what obstacles come against us. We will do everything in out power to not only study our possible future careers, but to interview those who are in our careers and to find ways to meet our goal.


Roadtrip Nation Exploration AVID 10

Alejandra Sanchez

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I would recommend the student to not be too shy and be confident in what they're saying. I recommend the student to act mature and have good body posture, of course they don't wanna be viewed as immature and with wrong body posture. They want to be seen as equal in maturity and have a wide range of knowledgeable of the things that they do. It is important to not stutter or go around in circles. They should be prepared with their questions in a list and awaiting the reply of the persona you are interviewing. Dont be too pushy or yell at them if you dont like their answer, you must suck it up and listen to what they have to say, that is called the real world. You dont get to choose you you want to hear or not, so its better to be prepared and listen and if they like you, you get the job and if they dont, then you dont get it. I reccomend to the perosn to act in a differnt way, a way that you know the person will like. if you act like yourself, then they might not like it, you have to please the person and stay on their good side.

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