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The Team purpose is to not only find our future careers, but to find something that we know we can enjoy for the rest of our lives, no matter how old we are or what obstacles come against us. We will do everything in out power to not only study our possible future careers, but to interview those who are in our careers and to find ways to meet our goal.


Roadtrip Nation Exploration AVID 10

Alejandra Sanchez

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The Interview

The most exciting part of our interviews are meeting new people and talking to strangers. Since, the schools want us to do this program we are forced to interview people in our fields mainly people we don't know aka strangers. Those strangers can either harm us but to pass the class we must must take the risk. We don't know exactly if those people were real or fake. We are mainly interviewing somebody because we are told to not because we want to. we are put in danger for this program but that is just a thought not our real opinion. we prefer having opinions from the people we interview. So i think interviewing and meeting new people gain us more confidence in being outgoing and have the confidence to communicate with people that we don't know which will prepare us in the real world and getting a job easier. we have bought a new camera and a tripod to record our interviews. We spent lots and lots of money for this project and we hope it will pays off. The camera we bought was HD and the tripod was professional standard to get the best optimal pictures and height,

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