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The Team purpose is to not only find our future careers, but to find something that we know we can enjoy for the rest of our lives, no matter how old we are or what obstacles come against us. We will do everything in out power to not only study our possible future careers, but to interview those who are in our careers and to find ways to meet our goal.


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Normally, when you make a call to a friend or relative, you're pretty calm. When they pick up the phone, you can merrily say, "Hey! What's up? How are you doing?" and continue a three hour conversation from that. But, how do you deal with calling a possibly complete stranger? Even more, what if the person you want to speak to doesn't answer at all? Or the secretary / receptionist tells you the cliche "He's not available right now" trick to keep you away from the busy doctor or lawyer? What if you get the wrong phone number?! How embarassing! Just thinking about trying to make a cold call to a person you've probably never met before but want to interview can lead to you thinking about tons of bad case scenarios running through your head. And how do you deal with them? Sadly, there's no simple answer. Some can take deep breathes and try to slow down their heart rate, think of what to say and write it down before they call, or do a mantra in their head. My technique was doing the mantra. Just because the interviewee has more authority or is more smarter than me because they have a Ph.D., it doesn't mean they won't be nervous or shy too! They're human just like I am.

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