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what we want to do is go and explor new things. in my group there are four people and we are thinking of interviewing a cook,doctor,police. but the thing that i want to do the most is to interview a cook and a soccer player and a dancer. my favorite right now would be the cook. i love to cook and eat and nothing else is better than to be stuck with food and if later on i realize that its not for me then i will do some thing else.that is for shure that iam going to do thart interview.



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My AmAzInG RiDeAlOnG!!!

Wow i never though in a million years that a girl like me would be in a cop car with a cop and not be introuble for anything or getting yelled at by one. I thought that the cop ride would be a waist of time and that i would not have to deal with it and the more i thought of it more the more i figured out that i did not really thing that i honestly thought after the trip was wow this is so fun i will miss this so much especially the encredible cop that took me on the ride along. His name is Brett Hicks. he graduated from Tracy High in 2005. he was very nice and sweet and he liked me just like i liked him in a friend way of course. we really got along and he could not wait to take me on a ridealonge again. i told him that if i where to have anotherone that i would love to have him again.IT WAS SO COOL!!!

Written on May 19, 2010 at 12:00am

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