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Our team purpose is designed to help us find our own meaning in life. The reason we are doing this road trip is to interview leaders we admire so we can learn their life story.


AVID 8th Grade

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Team Roadtrip

The Roadtrip I am part of is called Night Dwellers and the group consists of four people, two boys and two girls. Myself, my friend Pedro Jauregui, Meleena Castaneda, and Jessica Gonzalez. We were all born in the same year but different ages so far. My friend Pedro Jauregui is really into soccer and martial arts. Meleena Castaneda is more of the writer type, and she is currently our team leader, she enjoys reading about vampire stories which is why we are called Night Dwellers. Jessica Gonzalez is also very interested into sports, so she is the athletic type most of her favorite sports are soccer and basketball. We are all Mexican-American students who attend the same school, and share similar interests. Also we are all board scholars working our way to achieving a 4.0 GPA and working hard to reach a goal of going to a four year University. We all have the same problem which is what to do with our future and what path should we take; were hoping going on this Roadtrip will help clear our path to success.

I am excited to start going on a roadtrip because it's going to be a brand new experience. My team just needs to decide on our first person to interview. So far we have each created a list on the people we would like to interview. I am a little nervous though, because I am not sure if someone would have the time to interview us kids. In order to have an interview we need to create a long list of people to interview so at least one person could say yes. I am sure we are all nervous about our first roadtrip but it will be replaced with excitement once we get our first interview.

Our team purpose is designed to help us find our own meaning in life. The reason we are doing this roadtrip is to interview leaders we admire, so we can learn their life's story. We all have been looking forward to this experience and can't wait until we plan out everything and finding out who are we going to interview for our very own Team Roadtrip.

Written on May 20, 2010 at 12:00am

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