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Exploration not exploitation-Do you hear that static because we don't.The noise. It ties others down, but have freed ourselves from it. We will shed it like a cocoon, because it is the only way we can grow. The noise in order to pursue our own paths. To learn how to live our lives, not those that others want for us. We will go on this road trip to explore the possibilities of our future, not to be exploited by society.To learn from others about paths we should take.To have some guidance in li


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Life Alert

You get the RTN workbook in your hands and you feel how smooth the outside cover is. You get the workbook in your hands and flip through the pages seeing how much information about growth and optimistic thinking is condensed into just below two hundred pages. You get this future determining workbook in your hands and begin to realize that this is it; this is the moment to define your life and begin to "Shed the Noise." I enjoyed having this sense of realization that I could live my life to the point and degree that I wanted to. However, with the glimpse of seeing that I am alone. I really do not have anyone that is going to be there for me in the long run. Wondering day by day how this is possible, I refer back to lessons learned about noise and how to block it. Also, to stop living in this “grey” area and begin to live either black and white just like there is right and wrong and no middle ground. I loved each and every experience that I had either having an interview or taking the trip with my team try to calm each other down because we were so nervous. The most rewarding experience I had was learning from someone that I had never met before, but is such an icon in basketball history. I was worried about the interview at first because my mom was there filming and I could not get down on a more personal level. However, being able to once again have the mentor that made it seem that your life is all that matters is all that I was looking for.

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