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out team purpose id to really cooperate with each other and also to help us out in all the type of questions that everybody has and also for everybody to do their part in the process of doing this team project. and also i think that we ll have to cooperate and really help each other out and also be really happy because we are trying to really fiugure out our purpose for this anas also being vr=ery excited because we are finally gong to define what we really want to become in later on in future c



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iam eally excited because w are goiing to discover what we really want to do when we grow up and also i am excited that we are goung to have to interviw aalot of people even though that we all know that its not going to be very easy in discovering this and also how we really have to do this and so yeah i am really looking forward to this and i hope that i finally defie my own road ans also discover hat i realyy want to do later on in life.

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