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Troughout this year I have enojoyed All the lessons from the book especcially the lesson that was about sheding out the noise. I feel like that was a really relevant lesson in my life at the moment because I feel like I was being pulled by my dad to go into the medical field. When he was always pulling me towards that side I felt like that might not have been what I wanted to do. But turns out when he finally stopped pressuring me towards that I actually decided for myself that that is what I wanted to do with my life. Or at least that is what I want to do for now. That is why I felt that chapter was so inportent in my life at the time. my other very favorite part of this experence were the interviews. it is cool watching the videos and hearing these inspirational people but when it is actually you it is completely different. you you have this feeling of power and like you can really acheive what you want to do in life. And when you are actually hearing these these people in person the impact compared to the when your only watching the video is greatly different. So that would deffinitely be my favorite part.

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