Meleena Castaneda

   Jessica Gonzalez
   Pedro Jauregui
   Pedro Jauregui
   Esteban Vasquez

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Our team purpose is designed to help us find our own meaning in life. The reason we are doing this road trip is to interview leaders we admire so we can learn their life story.


AVID 8th Grade

Kristin Storey

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Robert J. Frank Intermediate School


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My team

My teammates are Esteban, Pedro, Meleena, and ofcoarse me Jessica. our reason for going on this road trip is to try to interview leaders we admie so we can learn from there life story and the problems they faced. I am hoping to find my own meaning in life out of this experiance. Right know my team is in the planning stage. We are discussing who to interview and we all have people mind. Hopfuly after the interviews i take the all the advise they gave me and put it to good use.

Written on May 21, 2010 at 12:00am

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