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Exploration not exploitation-Do you hear that static because we don't.The noise. It ties others down, but have freed ourselves from it. We will shed it like a cocoon, because it is the only way we can grow. The noise in order to pursue our own paths. To learn how to live our lives, not those that others want for us. We will go on this road trip to explore the possibilities of our future, not to be exploited by society.To learn from others about paths we should take.To have some guidance in li


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the forgotten challenge

My favorite part of the roadtrip was definitely the interviews. Going out to see somebody that you consider to worthy of dropping everything just to talk to is a daunting task. You don't know anything about them other than what you can look up on a website. You then travel to a location that you have likely never been to before in order to interview them. It is not the easiest thing to do. However, the experience is unbelievable. To talk to somebody that has reached to top and find out about them, their stories, their dreams and challenges, it is something new altogether. It not only gives you appreciation for that person, but also for some of the things that you take for granted. Each sit down is a lesson that you will never forget. Looking back, I can remember almost every detail about my interviews. However, I can never really remember how it felt to be nervous, coming into it. The difficult things sinply fade away i light of what you learn. That is the forgotten challenge. However, what you took away from it will be yours forever.

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