Yesenia Salcedo

   Gilda Gallardo
   Richard Gutierrez


From this road trip we want to be encouraged to get out into to the world and not be afraid of taking risks in our lives so that we can be successful. We want to possibly find out what our passion is in life. We want to also narrow down the ideas that we have for our lives later on so that we may become more focused on what we want to do in our lives and so that we are not confused on what to do later on in life.


Mrs. Conner's AVID 10th grade

Christy Conner

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Godinez Fundamental High School


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Cold Call Story

Afterschool Richard, Yesenia and I were researching people to interview. We were not really sure who we wanted to interview so we were just browsing. Then we began to brainstorm and got kinda crazy with it. I encouraged Richard to interview a water polo player I know. I had no idea for who Yesenia should interview but I knew she liked music, so we were going to have to figure that one out. Everybody knows what I like, but I didn't think that interviewing Justin Bieber was going to happen any time soon so I looked into other stuff. Richard suggested I interview some one at Sea World but we found out that we were going to be facing a legal issue with that one. Then we contacted the Aquarium of the Pacific. I made my first cold call without any rehearsing. I studdered a bit but they understood what I was saying- I think. Well we didn't end up interviewing them either but the experience was fun, especially with Richard and Yesenia laughing in the background.

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