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I want to meet someone who is really passionate about what they do. I want to know why they chose it, what influenced them and how they got there. I'm hoping that in unraveling their life story that I will be able to weave mine.


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Just Call Me MacGyver

This was the first time that I have ever filmed or edited a video. I was super excited about the project, but I had a small problem; being a destitute college student, I had limited resources to accomplish my goal.
In order to film a good video, I needed two things: a tripod and a backdrop. The tripod was necessary because I did not want to have my roommate filming me for hours while I stumbled over myself trying to get used to speaking into a camera.
I needed a backdrop because I didn't want the world to see my messy room (don't say I could have just cleaned it up, I'm a college student. I have rights). When I realized my dilemma, I began to search around my dorm room for items that could be used to film my video. After a while I came up with a solution.
For the tripod I put a Cheerios box on top of a Mac & Cheese box, duct taped my camera to the top, used a butter knife to keep it from falling off, and put the entire contraption on my desk.
Next issue to tackle was the back drop. For that, I duct taped some poster board to my dry erase board, put a bizarre photo collage on it, just to make it interesting, and set it up on my chair so I could sit in front of it.
And voila! Instant recording studio!

Written on November 16, 2011 at 11:57am

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