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My purpose is to interview and find out more about careers and to find a career I am interested in.


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What I have Learned

Over the course of this class and this project, I have learned a great deal of things. I believe I have learned the most though from conducting my 2 interviews. Something the interviews have given me which we have not really discussed in class is confidence. I was very nervous making my cold calls and asking for interviews. Once I scheduled my 2 interviews and got people to agree to meet with me, I was thrilled. The next part was the actual interview. Though I had practiced and I felt like I was prepared, I was still very nervous. I was afraid one of the leaders would not want to answer one of the questions, or there would be many awkward pauses and I would not know what to do. After I completed my first interview with Dr. Adam Love though I was very relieved. He was very nice and gave me some great advice. The main thing I took away from his interview was that you need to talk to people who are already are in the field you are interested. Meet with them and ask them questions. Really just what all is involved in the career. I believe this was great advice and made me even more interested in the sports studies field. For my second interview with Ms. Martin, I was much less nervous because I had already been though one and it was on a computer. I believe the best advice she gave to me was to get involved before you graduate. Either volunteer or get an internship or find some way to get involved. I have gained very much from these two interviews. I now have the confidence to get involved and really to get a good degree. I now believe I will be ready to get a job after college and really know what I want to do with a career. This project has really be great for me.

Written on November 16, 2011 at 8:11pm

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