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I chose to interview an occupational therapist since I found that field of study to be very interesting. Tami, whom I chose is a very knowledgeable woman with a very strong backbone and isn't afraid to speak what's on her mind. I wanted to learn anything and everything about her career and how she came about getting into it.


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My reflections after doing the interview with Tami

The process of finding someone to interview actually wasn’t very challenging, it just took a bit of searching around on the internet and getting occupational therapists numbers to their places of business. I ended up getting a hold of Tami Folks who was an extremely nice lady. She was extremely friendly when I met her and she was very interested in why I was thinking about this field and she influenced me a great bit.

I’m actually more interested in this field because I thought that this sort of job had to do with more psychological aspects but it actually requires you to take a lot of science classes. Also, she told me how you can dress fairly casually compared to some jobs, and there’s a lot of freedom, but also interactions with people. The part that really interests me is how her days aren’t the same every day. She talked for a while about how different her days can get, how sometimes they’re stressful but even with the stress it’s worth it because she loves her job.

The actual interview experience was a little nerve racking because I’ve never gone through it. But since Mrs. Folks was so nice it was very easy once we go to talking about her work. It was so refreshing to see someone so passionate about their job. She told me how it gives her a great sense of pride knowing that she is helping someone with her work. Though it does require paperwork the other parts of her job sound so great. I love the fact that she gets to make her own schedule with her clients. Also a lot of the personality traits she was talking about seem to match with my results from MyPlan, so this field could work out well for me.

Written on November 20, 2011 at 12:52pm

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