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I hope to learn more about life in the real world and what the owner of a well-known business thinks about what I should do to become "somebody" in the world. I want to find out how he got where he is, and what he would have done different if he could live life over again, if anything.


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Cold Call to ProEnergy

Holy crap, that was pretty scary. I was so nervous. I did good though! I called ProEnergy and talked to a secretary first. I told her why I was calling, and that I wanted to interview the president of the company, and transferred me through to the president's assistant's voicemail. I repeated what I said to the secretary to the voicemail, but in the rush, I forgot to leave a phone number! I called back and got the same secretary, and explained my mistake. She said that the assistant had just stepped back in and was listening to my voicemail and she would transfer me through to her after she was done listening. She transferred me and I explained why I was calling again to the assistant, and we talked about the president's busy schedule, and possibly working an interview into it. I LEFT A CALL-BACK NUMBER and she said she would contact either me or my project partner when she got more info. Don't forget to leave a call-back number!!

Written on November 28, 2011 at 4:34pm

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Cold Call to ProEnergy
November 28, 2011 at 4:34pm

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