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Our team purpose is designed to help us find our own meaning in life. The reason we are doing this road trip is to interview leaders we admire so we can learn their life story.


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Blog Entry 1.

Hey! Well this is going to be the start of my team's first roadtrip! Our team, The Night Dwellers, are excited to take part in this adventure. Let me start off by introducing myself, the team leader (ofcourse!) Well my name is Meleena :) and I'm 14 years old ready to embark on this adventurous journey. I'm the type of person who wants to be in charge of everything, yes I haver to admit I am a BIT bossy. But I'm also the type of person who wants things done right and MY way. Hahaha but besides that I'm a fun, smart, KIND, personI believe. My feelings towards this trip are a little nerve wrecking, I just want things to go smoothly and prompt. I'm nervous about booking a person but I mean who isn't, I'm just nervous about all the little things we need to do for the roadtrip. I'm also excited to see how things will turn out. Ok, enough about me (for now), Let me intoduce my fellow Night Dwellers :) Let me start off by introducing Jessica ofcourse! Everyone that knows Jessica, knows that Jessica is ..... undescribable not so much in a good way, she'll have her moments of being BLAH! but when get around that she's pretty cool,. Jessica is 14 years old like myself. Shes a really big athlete, she plays basketball and her love soccer. She's not the creative type, sucks at drawing and excells at making fun but I will admit I do make fun but i DON'T excell at it like Jessica :) Ok let me introduce you to Pedro now, He is 14 years old I believe and I can describe him as oh so many things but don't want to waste my time :) Hahaha I'm kidding he's ..........cruel, horrible and sucks the blood right out of cows! Hahaha no, sorry Pedro! just making fun! He's smart and queit (sometimes), and uhhh smart sorry you can't really describe a person unless they're right in front of you, He's Pedro thats all I can really say. And last but not least! Esteban ofcourse! He's 13 years old and one thing to really describe him is KNOW-IT-ALL! Hahaha sorry but it's true! Hahahaha but besides that he's artistic and smart (know it all), and uhhh funny, no, no, no, no I mean he can be but he comes up with these lame jokes, seriously, Hahahaha. I'm glad I had the oppertuntiy to work with them I guess tghey really are great friends. I can't say I wouldn't work with anyone else but them but thats not true! Sorry guys! But theyre a close second ;) I hope were succesful in our roadtrip together.


Written on May 31, 2010 at 12:00am

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