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The purpose of my Road Trip is to gather information and advice on how it was they came about their profession as well as what it was that drove them in pursuing that career and how or if i can apply that to my current and future experiences relating to that career.


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Nicholas Hyer

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Interview Questions: Questioning a Lawyer

In determining my interview questions for my first interview i thought of all the things that i wanted to know, mostly ones with finding your place but also some involving his career. I went through many questions before i choose the most relavant ones relating to my purpose for this project. I wanted to know how he went through figuring out that a lawyer was what he wanted to be. How risky this career choice was for him and what fears he had along the way. These questions were important to me because i could reflect on them and see if his answers would push me in his career path direction or to reconsider this career option.

Written on April 17, 2012 at 7:23pm

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