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What do I hope to get out of my Road Trip? I hope I gain real knowledge of getting a feel on choosing the right career for myself. When I see "real knowledge", I mean things I don't usually learn from the classroom, but instead from successful people who share some of my same passions and interests when it comes to careers. I hope to gain some confidence in learning how they got to where they are today in a way where I feel like I can do the same.


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What Questions Do I Want Answers To?

Now to the thick of the mission. What do I actually want to learn from these leaders? What questions can I ask that will actually help me with my future? There are some questions I may think might help me such as, "Are you happy with where you are at now?", but looking hard at that question, why would his happiness determine my happiness? I need to focus on questions that would certainly give me guidance for my path from here on out. A few question I would like answers to are in the following:

Where were you when you were my age? When you were twenty-years-old what did you want to do with your life, and did you set off to do it? When you were that age, could you see yourself where you are now?

Now looking back at your life, would you change the way you did things? Would you change the career path you chose? Did you settle or did you try to achieve that dream job of yours?

Written on April 16, 2012 at 4:56pm

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