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The purpose of this project is to interview people who have been successful in a career that interest me. I want to find out as much information about their journey to success so that I will not only be inspired, but also have a "roadmap" to guide me to becoming as successful as the people I interview.


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Learning the Ropes

After my interviews, a huge wave of relief came over me. Not only was I finished with the nerve racking interviews but I was also extremely relieved to find that I should relax about my future! From these interviews I found out that staying calm in the situation will help you greatly in making the right choice. My interviewers talked about how at times things seemed uncertain and shaky, but by staying calm they were able to move forward from the situation at hand and grow from it. I also learned that it is highly important to stay true to yourself. By doing this you will know exactly what you want out of life, and you can work toward achieving that instead of letting people tell you what you want. By hearing what my interviewers had to say I began to "learn the ropes" on how to handle situations as I approach them. I took away way more than I thought I would from these interviews. It turned out to be an easy and fun way to learn how to become a successful and happy young lady. Each of the people I interviewed became role models that motivated me to "get the ball rolling with my life."

Written on April 17, 2012 at 11:29pm

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