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The purpose of my Road Trip adventure is to find myself and my passion. I need to hear other people's stories and how they came to terms with themselves. I think this project will help me find myself, and allow me to feel confident that I will find my passion. As of now I don't know what my passion for work is, but it will be nice to hear how others found their path. I am really looking forward to hearing successful people tell their life stories.


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What Questions I want to Ask and Why!

I decided to ask first off, Where were you when you were my age? I hope to realize that most leaders were in the same place I am, and I hope to figure out where I need to be if I am behind. Second, I want to ask about the obstacles and struggles they had. This will help me understand that everyone has struggles going into their dream career; but each individual pushed passed theirs and succeeded. Next, I want to ask how they define success. This let's me realize what is important in life, and what is just a luxury. Also, I will ask if they had the support of the family and friends. I do have support, so it would be amazing to realize some people can even do it with out support of their family and friends. Last, I want to close with What advice they have for me. This will be helpful as I continue down my road in life, and work toward all my dreams. I am really excited to ask all these questions, but also somewhat nervous.

Written on April 26, 2012 at 12:45pm

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