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I hope to find my road in life, to make sure that what i want to do after high school is really the right choice for me. I also want to find out more about myself and the person i can become with hard work and setting goals.



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We asked the people we interviewed what there major was in college, if they changed it, and if they did and why. We wanted to know how they found their road and what it took to find it. we wanted to be prepared for college life , the challenges of choosing my major and sticking with it, or changing it a few times, what iwe should do to prepare myself for the changes my life is going to experience after high school, the difference between living at home and living on campus, . But, we also dont want to change majors because we heard its a waste of time and money, thats why im worried so much. Thats why we wanted to create interview questions that will anwer the questions that my group have.

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