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Interviewing the Nurse

Dear Blog Book Diary Thingy: It went well. on our way to the interview these people in a car were dancing to us.. bernice fist pumped with them. the registered nurse was very nice. She had an interesting backround. If was funny when she wanted to change for the camera.
bernice had to make up questions in 5 mins with alondras help because BRI lost them for a moment and found them. she didnt tell bernice and alondra because she thought it was funny looking at them walking and writing questions on the wall. Bri abuses doctors! she hit a doctor with her camera. hopefully that doctor doesnt do any surgerys on her any time soon...
the nurse inspired me because she was a single mom and got her bachelors degree. shes an independent women. she told us not to depend on a going to take that advice!

Written on May 4, 2012 at 11:58am

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