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Cold Calls! :) today Bridget and I (Isabel) made our Cold-Calls while Cindy was in the classroom still trying to contact Mrs. D the drama teacher. We were both pretty nervous (especially me...). I rehearsed over and over again before calling. Bridget called a hair and makeup stylist, and I called the owner of Libreria Martinez, but before we could contact them, we had a few mishaps. First Bridget's phone wasn't working, so we couldn't film. Then my phone wasn't working, so I had to wait to call. And then...guess what? It went to voice-mail! I was disappointed but at least we were both prepared for the worst. I'm not exactly sure where we're going to go from here. Hopefully our Leaders contact us soon, since our other ones had to cancel on us. Well, that's basically it for today, so thanks for reading and we'll see you next time! :)

Written on May 14, 2012 at 2:27pm

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