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The whole purpose of my roadtrip is being able to help myself and build up myself as a whole person in order to be able to help myself in the future. I hope that this experience and adventure will find it's way into my life so it can affect the person i am and the person I want to become without relying on others to do the work for me. Because if that happens, what is the point of being yourself if you aren't able to help yourself? I want to discover me.



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I was truly inspired

My group interviewed Mike McCartin who works as a judge at the Orange County superior court. He was very nice and talkative. There were never any awkward moments, just as I had hoped. He was friendly and he answered all of our questions in depth and even more than we had expected.
He explained that he was a lawyer at first and after a while he decided to put his name on a list to become a judge. He never really thought about doing it, but he said he was, "At the right place at the right time." He continued to explain that he believes his entire career was based off of luck. He was lucky to pass the BAR exam to practice law, lucky enough to get a job and it was pure luck that he just so happened to be friends with all the people on the committee to become a judge.
Of course that doesn't happen for everyone so he gave us hope and said that if we really want something go and pursue it as much as possible and sooner or later something good will come out of it. He gave us an insight on how his daily life was like and how he felt about being a judge. The most inspirational thing he told us was, "There's things that happen that will block your path. You just have to go left and right, and when you do different paths open up. You just have to go for it." After he said that, I was convinced that I will get the career and life i want if I am willing to pursue my hopes and dreams. This interview is everything I had hoped for.

Written on June 10, 2012 at 8:02pm

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