Salvador Cardenas

   Nicole Naduville
   Alberto Serna


Our purpose is to find leaders who have succeeded in life and are know a successful person and happy to b living life. Were hoping to get advice and inspiration out of these leader and maybe thanks to them we might have a clearer mind on what we might want to do in life.


Roadtrip Nation Exploration

Zina Zarco

Home Base:
The Arbor Win Youth Opportunity Center


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Going To Find Ourselves

I have a grest team going with me on this trip.

Nicole N. is the one who is going to b taking down the notes.

Alberto S. is going to be the interviewer.

And I ( Salvador C.) am going to be the camera guy.

The main reason for going on this roadtrip is to find people and hopefully they could inspire us and hopefully find ourselves. When i say find ourselves i mean like show us something that we may love doing for the rest of our lives and not something we wont.

Im actually excited about this roadtrip and nervous at the same time. Im hoping that the perosn i look up to is really that person he looks like. Hopefully he doesnt turn out to be someone that his not.

Written on June 15, 2010 at 12:00am

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