Salvador Cardenas

   Nicole Naduville
   Alberto Serna


Our purpose is to find leaders who have succeeded in life and are know a successful person and happy to b living life. Were hoping to get advice and inspiration out of these leader and maybe thanks to them we might have a clearer mind on what we might want to do in life.


Roadtrip Nation Exploration

Zina Zarco

Home Base:
The Arbor Win Youth Opportunity Center


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(A-Team) Team Intro

Hi, my name is Alberto S. I'm in the A-Team and Salvador is our Team Leader... and Nicole is another member in our team. Our reason for going on said roadtrip is still a mystery and still unclear... but I'm sure along the way it will be clear. I'm hoping to get a better insite on what our team wants to do in life as a job and what othere people have done to get to that job that they love so much. I guess I'm alittle excited about this whole experience.

Written on June 15, 2010 at 12:00am

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