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To be sure of the life we want to pursue and get different views on careers and interests. Also, to get an insight on professionals and their road to their field of work.


Guidance 47, Career Exploration

Robin Acosta

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Clashing together for a purpose!

My teammates include Kyle, Jose and myself, Karla. Our reason for going on this roadtrip is to know more about what we want to pursue. We also want to explore our interests and see if something may influence us enough to try and pursue something else. We are all enthusiastic and hope to achieve greatness through what we're really interested and passionate about. We want to see what obstacles our mentors went through to get to where they are today. The thing I'm most excited about is finding out more information about what occupations one could get in the medical science field as well as the occupations one could get in the interests of my teammates. Also, finding out the passion one really has in their career. I am not so nervous about anything because I'm sure this experience will only offer good lessons and information. I think my teams roadtrip will be very diverse but, corresponding because we all have different interests, but the same drive to pursue enjoyment out of what we end up doing in life as a career!

Written on July 14, 2010 at 12:00am

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