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What we want to get out of this is to know this is what we want. We want to know how it is what other people have struggled and have gone through. We want to get the best out of this experience.


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The Roadtrip

My teammate on this roadtrip is Estela Gutierrez. My reason for going on this roadtrip is to get a better understanding of my career choice. I want to be able to be inspried by the stories of the people we interview. I think being able to hear the struggles and the challenges these people went through to get to where they are at will be interesting because i could be going through those same struggles while trying to reach my goals. I am hoping to get out of this experience is to get a better look on life and how life is when your going through and trying to reach your goal. I'm excited to hear the different stories and I'm excited to meet new people along the way.

Written on June 28, 2010 at 12:00am

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