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To be sure of the life we want to pursue and get different views on careers and interests. Also, to get an insight on professionals and their road to their field of work.


Guidance 47, Career Exploration

Robin Acosta

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Plans for the experience.

At the start of our experience, we sat down, discussed things that we enjoyed and we acknowledged that we had very different interests. Since that was the case within our team, we got more in depth and figured out what we would like to get out of our Roadtrip. We started thinking and searching for different mentors we could possibly interview to get answers to questions that we had about roads to success. Although we all had very different interests, we felt mutual about wanting to learn more about our interests and what challenges and triumphs leaders went through in order to achieve greatness. We wanted to be informed on the obstacles it takes and if any of the information we find out would change our perspective on our plans for the future or if it would motivate us more ensuring that we would pursue the right career.

Written on July 14, 2010 at 12:00am

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