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Our team purpose is to learn more about the media industry and to what extent we can be prepared for this future job in order to gain the experience needed to suceed in this varied profession.


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Team Mates

Our team leader is Chrisna Hang, she is a Multi Media major with a concentration in Production management. She is passionate and good at what she does. My name is Beverly Giehm, I am also a Muti Media major with a concentration in graphic design and web design. I love to work with people in building them their web site, poster, or whatever it is they want designed, I am artistic and believe I am good at it. Lastly, but certaintly not least is Martin Grady, an aspiring actor/model. He is full of energy, funny, and shows potential. As you can see we all want something to do with the Media, whether its infront of the camera or behind the scenes. I am really excited to interview someone that we can all relate to. So far were thinking a producer would be best. I'm a little nervois to try and find a producer willing to help us out. I think that our roadtrip is going to be fun and fulfilling. I can't wait!

Written on July 15, 2010 at 12:00am

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