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Our team purpose is to learn more about the media industry and to what extent we can be prepared for this future job in order to gain the experience needed to suceed in this varied profession.


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Roadtrip Beginnings

With all of the lessons and the assignments that we have undergone, it now will lead to our roadtrip that me and fellow "collegues" will go through in the weeks to come. My fellow teammates, Chrisna and Beverly, and I all have something in common, mass media (along with working together in our M.A.R.S. summer youth program). For all of us, this given opportunity in which we are all excited for has been given to us for a purpose and that purpose is to learn more about our passions and expanding upon those actions to form a reaction for ourselves based off of others experiences. My attitude is positive, knowing that I will, along with my teammates, will learn so much from these "leaders" of society, no matter their background or profession (rich, poor, or inbetween), everybody has their own personal life story that we could feed off of and apply it to our own life, along our own roadmap according to what each of us want to accomplish later on in our lives. I am estatic and joyful for this opportunity and plan on using this program to its full extent. Im ready to lean and ready to aspire for my future. It Is Time.

Written on July 15, 2010 at 12:00am

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