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Our purpose is to discover the creativity within us , and to use that creativity to show the world who we are . We all come from different backrounds , and want different things for our lives , but we all come together with one thing: a creative mind . We all want to meet and talk with real people in the real world that share our interests and ,we hope to gain experience and knowledge from the people we get to know on this out journey , or trip if you like .



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Hello , I'm Kayla !

Ive always wondered if creative people could be as sucessful as buisness executives , and they can . And I want to use this so called roadtrip to meet people , CREATIVE people that have suceeded in what they have done . Im kinda nervous about interviews though , yikes . I really hope some people have time to talk to a high schooler like myself . But i think it should all be fun and I'm looking forward to it ! :)

Written on November 10, 2010 at 2:23pm

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