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Realizing that life is full of obstacles, the purpose of Team Thrill Seekers is to increase our knowledge by exploring the life of a firefighter. Although, we do not expect to gain all the answers to our questions we hope to receive advice and guidance from professionals to expand our understanding of the career and what daily life is like as a firefighter. In addition, we hope to gain knowledge on this journey that will aid us in determining if our career of interest is the right fit for us.


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After discussing with classmates about our interest, I decided to team up with one of my fellow classmates. His name is Adrian. We have similar interests that can relate to each other. I have had in mind for the longest time to become a fire fighter and part of becoming a fire fighter requires to be an EMT or Paramedic. I have known Adrian for a couple of semesters now and I have realized that he has great interests in becoming a Paramedic. It was a great idea teaming up with Adrian because now we can kill two birds with one stone by exploring this field together and learn what it takes to become a Firefighter. By exploring this field, we plan to get questions answered to determine whether we truly would like to pursue this career.

After given the opportunity to do such an assignment we found that the most exciting part of it will have to be doing the actually exploration of this field itself. We also have similar characteristics which is we both like to learn things hands on. By conducting this interview and taking part of some activities, we hope to increase our knowledge giving us the opportunity to get out there and explore what it is like on a regular basis for a Firefighter including education required. Second most exciting thing would definitely have to be scheduling the interviews for the simple fact that I will be waiting for these interviews anticipating the knowledge that I will gain.

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