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our team purpose is for us to find our innerselfs and figure out what our true meaning of life is. we want to experience new pathways and discover different adventures that will eventually lead us to something amazing where we can figure out what we truely want to do for the rest of our lifes. we want to be able to decide wether or not a certain career is not for us. our main purpose is mainly for us to discover a career that were passionate about and that we will be excited to attend to.



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  • Leader: Teresa Martinez
  • Occupation: counselor
  • Company: bhs

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my road in life is to work in the media i want to do radio, television, broadcasting, etc. i want to be able to travel all time and meet new people and new places. i want to be able to help others in different ways where i wont be hurting myself like ive done in the past. my plans are to finish my career and get a stable life before i move on into marriage and kids. i want to be able to provide everything to my family so its better if i wait. besides it gives me more time to concentrate on my career and my studies.

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