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The purpose of this project is so that i can find out as much information there is to know about agronomy.I want to be sure this is the job i want the rest of my life.


COE 1323, Section 05

Charlie Wilder

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  • Leader: Kenny Walton
  • Occupation: Chemical and Seed Salesman
  • Company: Crop Production Services
  • Industry: Business and Management
  • Interests: Science/Technology, Environment

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I learned that this field is going to be a little harder than i thought but it is for sure something a want to make a carrer out of.

Kenny story’s is a little different than most because he does not have a college education. He works around the Clarksdale and Cleveland area in Mississippi. He told me that it is a good field to go into but now a days you have to have a college education to make it anywhere in sales rep field. Kenny is still doing sales and will be slacking up on hours soon because of winter.

Location: lyon, MS

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