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The purpose of this project is so that i can find out as much information there is to know about agronomy.I want to be sure this is the job i want the rest of my life.


COE 1323, Section 05

Charlie Wilder

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  • Leader: Daniel Reynolds
  • Occupation: Professor and Endowed Chair
  • Company: Mississippi State
  • Industry: Environment and Nature
  • Interests: Science/Technology, Education, Environment

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After this Interview it made me thing that there is a lot of options out there to choose from and just go slow into it until I know what for sure I want to do.

Mr. Dan is an professor at Mississippi state university. He majored in agronomy and is now a cotton and corn specialist. He told me it took many of nights of studying when he did it but is now all worth it. He said he liked it so much that he wanted to teach about it.

Location: Mississippi State, MS

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