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My purpose is to interview and find out more about careers and to find a career I am interested in.


COE 1323, Section 07

Caragh Boyles

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  • Leader: Madison Martin
  • Occupation: Speech Pathologist
  • Company: Fayette County Schools
  • Industry: Education
  • Interests: Medicine, Education

I believe this was a great interview because Ms. Martin worked for 2 different industries. She was successful in both and seemed to really enjoy her first job but her priorities changed and she had to change careers. I believe Ms. Martin was very successful because she knew a career is not everything.

Ms. Martin graduated from Florida State University with an Undergraduate degree in Marketing. She worked in telecommunications for 16 years. She later earned her master at University of West Georgia in teaching. She now works for Fayettte County School as a speech pathologist.

Location: Peachtree City, GA

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